Friday, April 1, 2011

Simulacra part II: It's a Yoni-verse

Goddess worshippers across the globe are rejoicing with the sudden appearance of a living-breathing-vagina in the woods of North Idaho. For many, this sacred cleft, in the body of an indigenous tree, is a sign of the re-emergence of the Goddess archetype in the world. As one urban goddess stated, "We have been living in a world of God... God did this... God said that... and the feminine, the woman, has been sorely neglected. The vagina has been suffering under patriarchal systems of control for too long. This yoni, this sacred womb, bursting forth from nature Herself is a clear sign that Ma (the divine mother) is staking her vaginal claim on the world once again."

As one tantric master stated, "I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more of these sprouting up all over North America as the earth gears up for the massive shift of 2012. 2012 will be a turn back to the feminine, back to nature and the mother, bringing peace to the world once again. All women are goddesses and as these yoni-silas (naturally occurring incarnations of the divine) are discovered more women will come to see that their own vaginas are in fact Goddess incarnate as well."

The only fear these Goddess worshippers have is that local teenage boys might try to insert their penises into the tree's vagina, due to horniness and sexual repression.

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