Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spirituality: A New Vision for Humankind

The statement "I'm spiritual but not religious" has become ever more ubiquitous as more Americans abandon absolutist forms of religious practice. As one spiritual advocate said, "I just got tired of all the judgmentalism going on... where this one idea took supremacy over all other ideas. In dogmatic religion you're forced to accept that God is the source of all things and that we must appeal to this higher authority. In spiritual systems of thought it is the Universe that governs over all things. This simple semantic translation has made a world of difference for me."

As one American Shaman stated, "The main difference between religion and spirituality is that religion twists facts to support supposed divine revelations contained in scripture. Whereas spirituality reinterprets scientific findings in order to validate claims made in channelled texts."

Another spiritual person stated, "I just don't like how judgmental organized religions can be... I mean they believe that people deserve bad things due to sinful actions. The concept of karma is just so much more liberating. Bad things happen to people because of their previous actions... it's just bad karma... we all get what we deserve. It's descriptive rather than prescriptive."

When asked about the concept of heaven and hell one New Age bookstore owner responded, "The Judeo-Christian concepts of Heaven and Hell just sound so harsh and uncompassionate... I mean, in the Eastern system, if you act badly in this life you just have to undergo five-hundred-thousand births as a maggot in stool as a natural (equal and opposite) reaction to your actions... it's not punitive punishment--it's Newton's third law of motion--which is so much more in alignment with the real spiritual and loving teachings of Christ, Krishna, and the Buddha."

In response to the question of free will one yogi answered, 'If you are in this moment, what you require appears....cosmic nature. If it doesn't appear, it's because you're running around looking for it!"

When asked about impoverished communities and the world hunger problem the yogi replied, "Also a good viewpoint. Simply a lens on the "what is." I am certain that the starving are sadly paying for lifetimes of negative thought patterns and harmful actions towards others. So for those of us who are in this enlightened state of consciousness it is important to help these people clear their karma. Past life regressive therapy has shown that children who are molested are simply paying the karmic debt for having molested other children in previous lives. So this isn't some absolutist religious concept but scientific fact.... no dogma here. It's basic Newtonian physics."

This serves as further proof that dogmatic religious systems only came into existence in the West. Due to this astonishing fact Asian philosophy has begun to take over on university campuses and in almost every social sphere.

Feminists are rejoicing over the wide acceptance of Eastern contemplative traditions here in America. The patriarchial heirarchy that dominates Western religions never came into prominence in the East. The exclusive male heirarchy of Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, and Hindu Vedanta are in fact not the products of male patriarchy but are simply the result of reincarnation and karma. In the Eastern mode of thought after many lifetimes of spiritual effort one may have the opportunity to take the superior and highly revered birth as a high caste male. This is, once again, another signal that Western culture was the only social organism to create religious belief systems in order to maintain social heirarchies.

As one urban priestess stated, "Reincarnation eliminates all social problems since everyone gets a chance at some point to be born as a king."

She went on to say, "More importantly, these Asian traditions, unlike Judeo-Christian traditions, offer an accurate description of the universe and of human life. So it is not absolutist dogma--it is the TRUTH. It's an exciting time to be living in. This movement away from religion towards spirituality is a promising sign of human evolution at work!"

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