Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rewritten History

Landmark Forum (and other New Age systems for reprogramming the psychological structures of desperate human beings) promotes the concept that reality is simply a story we are telling ourselves. If you want your life to change, tell a different story. Stop being a victim of trauma and realize that you chose every moment of past suffering just as you are choosing your life circumstances at this moment. You can literally rewrite your past and therefore no longer be the "victim character" in your personal narrative (such as the molested kid) but someone who chose to suffer and now is choosing to be a winner.

This outlook has proven incredibly useful to Holocaust deniers, who are simply seeking to empower Jews. As one deeply compassionate fringe historian stated, "If Jews are capable of rewriting their own history then a lot of deep healing can occur. They must realize that they are not the victims of historical atrocities but simply a people that chose self-euthanization. In this way they can move forward in life with a clean slate."

It has also been found that the African American community continues to perpetuate a "cultural identity of victimhood." Alternative interpretations of history can prove quite useful in this situation. If African Americans can rewrite their history from an oppressed people to unpaid interns who chose their fate, then a new cultural identity can emerge.

An American History Professor at Bob Jones Bible College commented, "The ancestors of African Americans chose to come as passengers in the hulls of European ships to the New World. They then chose to work the cotton and tobacco fields in return for simple rations and the occasional rough sexual encounter (it's been proven that this is how they like it) or beating. They were not kidnapped nor forced into slave labor. If the African American community can realize this fact they can re-empower their cultural identity and pull themselves out of this economic and social slump."

A psychologist at Alaska Bible College stated, "If historically oppressed communities acknowledge the traumas enacted upon them and then seek to heal and integrate that history into their cultural narrative it can badly damage the social perception of white Americans. Studies show that we can simply re-hardwire memory to suit our needs. I believe that this is the best course of action for African Americans."

It has also proven to be useful for trauma victims who are playing out life-narratives that no longer serve them.

As one woman stated, "I was raped five years ago. For the longest time I felt like a victim. Then I went to Landmark and they helped me change my story. They made me realize that I chose to be raped. Why else would I have worn a low-cut dress that night with high heels and lipstick? Realizing that I manifested this reality into my life has been deeply empowering. I am not a victim but a woman who chose rough non-consensual sex. Now, all I have to worry about is constructing positive narratives for the rest of my life. I am in control of everything that happens to me!"

As one New Age leader said, "We must become active authors of our own reality. History is not fact, it is a story. The only reality is what we create through the power of storytelling. Likewise, whatever happened to you in the past only exists in the story you tell about it. Become a better, more positive, author and your life will be a grand delusion of your own making."

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