Monday, March 28, 2011

Palin Part 2: Controversy Continues

Scientists are predicting a multitude of catastrophe scenarios in regards to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's vagina. Tea Party members are adamant that Palin's genital organ is not a safety hazard.

As one tea bagger stated, "Why is it that liberals are engaging in this rampant discrimination? How did having vaginal confidence suddenly become vaginal hubris? By this measure Hilary Clinton would be the San Andreas Fault of looming vaginal catastrophes."

In response one liberal official offered the following rebuttal, "Hilary's vagina is by definition obstinate and is in no way corrupted by the kind of hubris that Palin's twat is prone to. The comparison is simply ridiculous, they are by no means equivalent. This is just another sign that the tea baggers have no firm reasoning behind their endorsement of Palin's meat curtains."

As one political philosopher stated, "How can people still be claiming that Palin's beeve isn't massively gigantic? How can there be such a wholesale denial of the fact that her vagina is a public safety hazard, which might actually swallow all of North America within its clammy grasp?"

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