Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Age/Republican Alliance

Dick Cheney announced his endorsement of New Age philosophy citing its, "admirable moral outlook and positive influence on young people."
Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer were commended for their efforts to promote "character building" and for their demonstration of the power intentions have in creating reality.

Political philosophers once thought that the signifying difference between contemporary American conservatives and liberals were their diverging beliefs on how change occurs. Conservatives held that success and failure were due to the moral fiber of individuals, i.e. someone was poor due to being lazy, someone was rich due to being hardworking, and sought to instill traditional values as a tonic for social ills.

Liberals, on the other hand, maintained that social realities played a more significant role in personal and cultural success. Historically oppressed communities did not have the resources to economically better themselves, due to a legacy of oppression. In this view, value judgments on the relative character of individuals played a much smaller role compared to social structures. For instance an African American woman in the 1960s was not poor due to being lazy or because she felt entitled to government subsidies/welfare, she was poor due to a long cultural history of black oppression in America--that she personally was not originally responsible for her economic condition. The solution, offered by liberals, was to institute social programs for cultural change and economic intervention.

Essentially, conservatives blamed internal factors for an individual's life circumstances (it was a person's attitude that created their current situation), whereas liberals held that external realities played a larger role in a person's life circumstances. This was due to liberals adhering to scientific methodologies and explanations, while conservatives sought to uphold religious values.

New Age philosophy and quantum physics have now finally proven that the conservatives were right all along. Intentions, attitude, and thoughts are what create our reality, thereby overturning centuries of scientific evidence.

As one new age bookstore owner said, "Quantum physics has now effectively proven that our thoughts directly shape our reality. The circumstances of our life are solely the product of our thoughts. Because of these findings, most of us would agree that someone is sick because of their negative thoughts patterns/mental attitude, likewise someone is healthy because they are a positive and kind person."

His wife, a spiritual financial adviser, added, "Even more importantly, someone is wealthy because of their positive attitude and willingness to embrace abundance. And someone who is poor is simply suffering the results of their own negative thought patterns. Everything is a product of our own thoughts. It's really very simple: we create our reality everyday. And let me be clear, New Age concepts are not simply a convenient philosophy for the self-obsessed with emotional issues. It is simply how things are... I mean the Reverend Michael Beckwith is black."

John, a Shamanic healer perusing the new age bookstore's selection of crystals, commented, "Poor minorities, especially single mothers, should stop being so freakin lazy and start manifesting abundance through the power of their intentions. There are no victims, each person is solely responsible for the circumstances of their life... I mean, once my parents died I noticed a huge shift in my general attitude, the very next day an inheritance check arrived. Coincidence? I doubt it. My trust fund was a direct result of my thoughts."

A republican congressman, that we interviewed in New York, said, "I find it interesting that the new age movement was born out of liberal ideals of cultural and spiritual freedom, but through aggressive and exploitive marketing in the self-help sector, have now ironically adopted the political and philosophical stance of conservative republicans. A contributing factor might be that new age philosophy, just like traditional religion, is blind to the psychological underpinnings of wishful thinking and reality denial. This is an unprecedented boon, families that once worried about the future of America can rest easy, Deepak Chopra is taking care of our young."

A recent announcement on Friday signaled the completion of this philosophical merger. Deepak Chopra and Dick Cheney are writing a book on The 7 Laws of Success, which will be published this fall 2011, by NewHarbinger.

One insider commented, "Where do you think all the 2012 stuff came from? Out of thin air? It was concocted and fed to us by Evangelical Republicans to stir up more attention for the oncoming Rapture."

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