Friday, March 4, 2011

Modern Science proven to be just another Story

New Age believers, joining the postmodernist movement of the 1970s, have openly challenged the absolutist agenda of modern science. More importantly, the very factuality of the scientific method is being called into question.

As one new age yogi commented, "Modern science is just another story that human beings made up to explain the world to themselves. It's all relative to where you're standing. I hate all of this dogma that's based upon logic--a logic that is biased and incomplete. It only speaks to the linear Western way of thinking."

A chiropractor working out of a clinic in Oakland, CA, further elucidated the core issue, "We're all thankful for penicillin and vaccines and heart surgery and brain science and x-rays but in reality we just don't need it. That type of medicine only works if you're culturally a Westerner. Try curing disease in other cultures and countries with modern medicine... what you'll end up with is a bunch of people who are not being helped. That's because they're living under a different operating system. The native medicine of these cultures, usually consisting of mud potions, is what works for them. It's all relative. And many Americans today are simply not buying into the Western dogma and therefore we're in need of other types of medicine."

His wife, a neural linguistic speech therapist, added, "Quantum physics is proving this today, that the world doesn't follow the rules of logic. Logic is just a story we're telling ourselves about the world. For instance, according to quantum mechanics, when I stand here I'm simultaneously here and everywhere all at once. This is what the Eastern traditions have been teaching all along. This proves that modern science was wrong and that the Eastern approach was a more accurate description of reality."

When asked if quantum physics wasn't itself a product of Western logic and is being developed under Western logical models and processes, she replied, "Within my framework of thinking I can denounce modern science and then three minutes later bring in evidence from modern science to prove my own point. These types of contradictions in my logic just goes to prove the insufficiency of Western Logic to account for how I personally think."

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