Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2012: The Shift Is Upon Us

The Mayan calendar tells us that a major event is looming in the next year-and-a-half. Many speculate that it accurately predicts the end of all things, including human life on planet earth. Others believe that it signifies the dawning of a radical evolution in human consciousness.

We've seen similar predictions made by End Times apocalyptic Christian groups, Jehovah Witnesses who claim a coming Aquarian age where lions will cavort with lambs, and Millenarianist factions throughout the history of Western culture.

We interviewed an American Shaman of anglo saxon descent (originally hailing from Chatsworth, CA) to define the difference between these New Age millenarian predictions and those predictions that have failed in the past. He said, quite eloquently, "Duh... it's Mayan. Those predictions that failed were based upon Revelations in the bible... this shit is scientific because it comes from Mayan culture."

When we interviewed an actual descendent of the Mayan culture, he said, "The calendar ends... who knows what it means? My ancestors used to do human sacrifices... I have no idea why they did that either." Which we've taken to mean that this particular Mayan was being very cryptic, like all Shamans, and it's best if we read a deeper meaning in his simple words.

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