Friday, February 18, 2011

What's on Your Tongue Affects Your Life

Studies have found that negative speech, which utilizes phrases like "I can't" or "I need," cripples individual and human progress. In light of this research high schools and universities are now instructing young people in the mechanics of positive speech or as therapists call it Neural Linguistic Programming.

Hospitals around the country have adopted these methods in the emergency admittance ward. One ER doctor commented, "When I get a patient in here who says, "I can't feel my legs," or "I need help" the first thing I do is tell them that they have to erase the words "need" and "help" from their vocabulary. That type of language is weak and makes the patient a victim. Even saying "I will get better" won't do the trick. You have to say, "I am well. I am vibrantly healthy." Only that type of linguistic affirmation will work. When patients utilize positive speech there is no need for medical treatment. You'd be surprised by how effective this is... When cancer patients successfully utilize the tools of positive speech they immediately go into recovery."

Legislation has changed in the workforce as well. Complaints are officially not recognized by the human resource departments in corporations anymore, resulting in higher annual profit yields.

A local congressman stated, "Sometimes we get guys in here who say, "In this economy I can't find a job no matter how hard I try" or "My family needs better healthcare." And you just know right off what the problem is... it's their negative speech patterns. If they were to simply adopt a new way of speaking, where only positive things were coming out of their mouths, their lives would be markedly different."

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