Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Vagina that Speaks

Recent studies have shown that the human body has stories to tell. We all know that tight shoulders may be a message that you're working too hard, or that hypertension is related to stress and anxiety, and that a bad back is often caused by repressed anger. What Harvard researchers are finding is what Freud and New Age healers have been saying all along: the body holds repressed trauma and through pain and malfunction it is trying to tell you something. Once you decode the message and allow the body to speak and reveal that trauma the pain and dysfunction cease.

The United States Court has now taken this evidence into account and has sanctioned the use of victims' body parts to give testimony in legal proceedings. As one State Psychologist said, "The victim may have buried the memory because it would be too traumatic to relive the assault but the body remembers... the body always remembers... this biological memory is what we will use in court."

It has now become so common that we hear a whole list of new complaints from state prosecutors. As one lawyer, Craig Abrams, said, "The thing I hate most is when I encounter an obstinate vagina on the stand. It just clams up and I know that not a single thing I try to do makes its way in there... just stubborn... its lips sealed."

It has been found that body parts are now speaking to each other. On this note Mr. Abrams further commented, "When I meet an obstinate vagina on the stand my penis starts telling a story and that can hurt the prosecution."

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