Saturday, February 19, 2011

Universe is "Slacking Off"

It is pretty much a scientific fact by now that when you want something the entire Universe conspires to help you get it. The key to engaging the power of the Universe in your life is dependent upon deciphering the signposts that guide you to your destiny.

A significant number of Americans have declared that the Universe "just isn't coming through for them anymore."

As one man, a resident of Palo Alto California, said, "I keep on trying to find out what the Universe wants to tell me... but I don't hear anything. Then I put my power of intention out there and I don't get anything back. I mean is the Universe playing hooky?"

Many Americans have been complaining about a sudden rise in parking tickets. As one author stated, "The Universe doesn't seem to be conspiring to help me get my way anymore," after receiving ten parking tickets outside his favorite Starbucks.

One woman, a life coach based in Santa Monica California, has a different explanation, "I think the Universe has been mixing up signals. Normally, following the signs of the Universe is easy and reliable... ten years ago you almost never ran into any problems. Just the other day I was driving and then got onto the wrong freeway. Then I said, "Universe, what do you want me to get out of this... what do you want me to see?" and I kept on driving trying to figure out what it was I was supposed to learn. I ended up in an unfamiliar town and kept asking, "Universe, do you want me to go to Dunkin Donuts? Or that Coffee Bean over there?" and then it hit me. The Universe wanted me to see a movie. At the theater I kept on asking the Universe which movie I should see, which film had the message I needed to hear. The thing is I ended up seeing the wrong movie... in my opinion the Universe is getting up there in years and may be going a little senile... we should take that into consideration."

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