Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trailer Park Residents Forced to be Black

Trailer park residents were court ordered to "spend a day in another man's shoes" but found that they began to be prejudiced against themselves, along with an increased appetite for watermelons.

One park resident said, "It's bad enough that I have to be on welfare just like them but to have to look down at my skin and see that I'm covered in darkness just makes me have low self-esteem. I feel like I'm no better than them."

Local new age Christians, yogis, and meditators were outraged and appealed to the court on behalf of the now self-hating trailerparkers with a statement saying, "In order to love anyone else, let alone overcome prejudice, one has to love themselves first... How can these bigots ever come to love people of other races if they're now hating themselves?"

According to one yogi, "I love me, therefore I love you. If I don't love me first I can't love you."

Religious leaders have jointly put out a statement, "We used to teach that change came through understanding and seeing things from other people's perspective. Now we know that change can only occur through making people feel better about themselves. If Hitler were alive today any criticism would only damage his fragile sense of self-worth... the only way to do any good would be to help make him feel better about his own decisions."

George Bush commented, "If I were to apologize and admit wrong that'd just make me not like myself, and damage my own self-esteem... so I'm not sorry for anything I've done... I mean a guy can't spend is life beating himself up... who wants to go around taking responsibility for shit... you know?"

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