Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sacred Geometry Discovered in Natural Formations

Prominent Guru, Sri Amritananda of Vishakapatnam, discovered a huge geological find in the hill country outside of Vizag, India. Two naturally occurring hills have been confirmed to exactly match the physiological dimensions of human mammary glands or as one yogi described them, "big old mamma titties."

This confirms the ancient Vedic assumption that the earth is the Mother. As a sign of devotion many devout tantric practitioners have offered innumerable "Pearl Necklaces" to the sacred geological formations.

In other related news a rock has been uncovered that perfectly matches the male human sexual organ. As a sign of religious devotion and adoration many tantric acolytes have been rubbing clarified butter onto the religious totem with their hands, thereby signifying a deep respect for the generative power of the sacred male.

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