Saturday, February 19, 2011

Man Boobs Not Fit for TV

Parents across the country are outraged with the mass proliferation on the internet and television of chubby male breasts. As one PTA member stated, "If they were lean muscly chests on the bodies of taut young guys that'd be totally okay with us. But since these often older and definitely overweight man-breasts resemble female anatomy it's all too easy for these images to act as surrogate pornography for young men and boys."

One local pre-adolescent boy tearfully admitted to "sometimes using an awesome google image" for masturbatory purposes knowing full well the homoerotic implications.

The head of the Parental Guidance board stated, "Not only do images of man-boobs provide a slippery slope towards degenerate gay pornography but it has created a subculture that finds the image of "bitch-tits" humorous, thereby making it all the more difficult for us to authoritatively take action on this issue."

(Gay "Bears" have yet to comment on the controversy)

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