Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Local man, Shyam Dodge, has pasted his face on the body of the revered Hindu god Vishnu as part of a publicity stunt to promote his salacious and provocatively titled book Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi. Mikehawkitches said "Shyam did you get on drugs none of your book is accurate?"in a comment posted on one of the book's many online venues. Another reader, Lynn Lombardi, a longtime friend of the author's family wrote, "The heartbreaking thing appears to be the author's own willingness to rake his family over the coals of his own self importance. For what-to sell books???" in a scathing review posted on the book's amazon.com retail site. The press material claims that the author is "[an] incarnation of a Hindu god • California Guru • former lifelong monk • and now failed divinity" in a bold attempt to claim absolute authority as a living god in human form.

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